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Yosuke Ito - Release/Remaining
4 Sep 2004 — 9 Oct 2004

Release/Remaining With reference to Tanizaki's "In Praise of Shadows"

Yosuke Ito’s note on the installation The room is covered by a grid made from stretched rubber strings. Visitors fold paper airplanes and throw them into the grid, which acts as a net. Some planes remain on the net, but some planes fall down through the strings. A    motion picture   is projected from the lower part to the upper part of the walls through the net. As the number of paper planes on the net increases, the shadows on the walls become larger. The paper airplanes gradually become more luminous than the walls.  They keep the light and fold it.
The installation title, 'release/remaining', examines how the type of communication and inter-activity change the social system (known through its mechanisms) of which it is a part. This is not only an issue in art field, but for the general public as well. This work envisions and hopes for types of social relationships which effectively encourage change. The paper airplanes are like messages from individual voices.  These small messages gather not in hierarchy, where they get lost, but in flatness, where all are still exposed. The messages then have a power to change the whole structure. Even the voices that fall through the net are still present and retain an expressive force.


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