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10 Sep 2000 — 8 Oct 2000

GEEN TIJD - a project under forced circumstances (time/40 m22)

VOORKAMER organised the project "GEEN TIJD" (translation: "No Time") in the buidling opposite the Stedelijk Museum in Lier. The project was realised "under forced circumstances": time, space, budget,…
Originally a proposal was formulated to locate the project in the Stedelijk Museum. But the counsil member responsible for cultural affaires overruled this proposal because of the "possible controversial character" of the project.

VOORKAMER didn't want to leave it with that, looked for and found an alternative.

A space was made available in a garage opposite the Stedelijk Museum, thus a link could be made with the originally intended project. About 200 artists received an invitation. They were asked for the presence of the elements "time" and/or "forced circumstances" in their work. They could react in any form or shape. 75 artists responded.
The project as a whole formed a stock/cabinet/idea-bench/reserve of works about "time" and "forced circumstances". It formed a powerful statement against the fear-inspired prejudices.
The project was composed and designed by Peter Morrens and Rik De Boe. The window and apartment made available were adapted by them through the construction of a billboard in the window, containing the picture of the empty museum.
A door in this picture gave access to the apartment by means of a specially constructed hall and staircase, with the heterogeneous compositions of the contributions by the artists.

Group project:
Trees De Mits, Peter Schoutsen, Lucia Penninckx, Peter Warnier, Chris Thijs, Jacques Charlier, Hendrik Vermeulen, Qoqo & Schultheiss, Tytti Tapaninen, Luc Deleu, Daniel Liebens, Wouter Coolens, Zjuul Devens, Dré Devens, Johan Meskens, Maria Blondeel, Filip Francis, Yoshi Matsumoto, Thomas Broadbent, Larry Walczak, Robin Michaels, Carol Warner, Richard Humann, Sante Scardillo, Angela Wyman, Marc Vanderleenen, Frederic Bell, Luk D’Heu, Yvonne De Grazia, Lieve D’hondt, Michaël Schepens, Lucie Malou, Luc Coeckelberghs, Anton Cotteleer, Leen Voet, Freya Maes, Martien Van Beeck, Andreas Brehmer, Johan De Wit, Johan Van Geluwe, Patrik Kindermans, Ed Daverveldt, Dimitri Cools, Werner Cuvelier, Frederic Geurts, Luc Fierens, Johan De Wilde, Dirk Braeckman, Joost Surmont, Marc Schepers, Michael Ballou, Hans Verhaegen, Luc Dondeyne, Maria Gabriëlle, Hans Eneman, Jan Verhaeghe, Andreas Mayer, Patrick Merckaert, Marcel Zalme, Peter Morrens, Rik De Boe, Wineke Van Muiswinkel, Walter Hermans, Annina Van Sebroeck, Ignace Van Ingelgom, Baudouin Oosterlynck, Paul Verstreken, Bert Peeters, Guy Lieckens, Karin Hanssen, Bart Verwilt, Ludo Engels,...


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