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Elke Lehmann - Re- Bagged: First Collection
30 Apr 2005 — 21 May 2005

“Re- Bagged: First Collection” consists of a series of “urban fashion pieces” which are produced from newly bought garments and the original shopping bags that they were purchased in. 

For the production of these pieces, I have been buying garments in various signature stores in New York City (GAP, H&M, Nike, Puma etc.) and then incorporated the original shopping bag for each garment into the design of the final “urban fashion piece”. Each specific shopping bag with its logo and design becomes part of the garment in various forms, such as pocket(s), hood, skirt, ornament etc. 

These urban clothing pieces are being shown in various forms: As an urban performance they were worn by models in New York City.  The photographic documentation of this performative “walk” will be shown at the Voorkamer with the actual clothing pieces displayed on hangers.  A life performance of models wearing the pieces in the gallery will take place during the opening of the exhibition on April 30, 2005 between 8pm – midnight ( ? ). 

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