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Eva Marie Kollischan
2 Oct 2005 — 29 Oct 2005

Dear peter,

Here i made a sketch for the work in lier. I decidid to take the voorkamer-building, because it fits better to this idea of drawing. It will be a drawing with grey edding, which looks a bit like a cloud, but not really. I will make a samll drawing and then make it big upon a foil, which has a sticky side and will be sticked to the wall. The foil will be white or mostly white and the drawing will be some grey and black. So it will be a
black and white drawing.

The drawing i sent you today for the card will not be seen in the exhibition and is ment as "thinking about a drawing for a house" or so. but maybe that's not important.

I will prepare everything here, so i come to lier with the finished drawing upon foil. What i need is a ladder or something to climb to the house for i think one day. That will be enough. 

If you have any question, just let me know,

Thanks a lot and see you soon


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