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Michel Ballou - Fictive Archive
22 Nov 2002 — 4 Jan 2003

Fictive Archive is a project by Michael Ballou, launched by Artists’ Initiative Voorkamer, Lier.  The archive is an eclectic collection of imaginary projects proposed by various participants.  The projects exist purely and exclusively in their descriptive form, i.e. an invitation card in the standard Voorkamer layout.  Projects may therefore spring from this initiative without being linked to practical realization, time, budget and logic.  Voorkamer invites everyone to apply with proposals for the archive. Voorkamer will then shape your proposal into their layout (picture and/or text); you  are entitled to 1 copy that you can retrieve from Voorkamer.  The project will be launched on November 15th with the presentation of the cards realised so far.  Michael Ballou will then give a lecture/presentation.

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